Saturday, July 5, 2014

Patriotic Giveaway Winner Announced

Hello all!

Today I'd like to thank everyone who recently participated in my 
Patriotic Link Party #2 and Giveaway.   It sure was a lot of fun seeing all of your wonderful creations!  

The lucky winner of the giveaway who won the hand-painted patriotic candlesticks goes to
 Linda of My Sew What Blog
Thanks for sharing your sweet Angel of Liberty!  

And thanks again to all who joined in this year's Patriotic Link Party and Giveaway!

Wishing all of you a safe and happy summer!
Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Patriotic Painted Firecrackers

Hello everyone!  

Today I'm sharing another quick and easy patriotic project with you.  
These painted firecrackers are so simple, even the kiddies can join in on this activity!
I've also painted cinnamon sticks the same way and you can see them here.


Wood branches (dried) in various sizes
Red, white and blue acrylic paints
Small drill bit
Hot glue or tacky glue

Drill a small hole in the center of one end of your branch to fit the jute. 
Freehand paint or pencil on your designs before painting.
Paint the branches with red, white and blue using stripes, stars, dots, etc.
Cut a short piece of jute to fit into each painted branch.
Add a little glue on one end of the jute and place it into the hole. 

Happy crafting!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

No Sew Patriotic Table Runner

It's time for a quickie table runner project and one that requires NO SEWING!
 Really!  It's as simple and as lazy as you can get!

I do love to use my sewing machine, but I decided to make this easy "No Sew" table runner with some patriotic fabric I picked up a couple of weeks ago.  

I simply folded the fabric in half lengthwise and cut a slit into one end of the folded area. Then I tore the fabric in half (see below) instead of using the scissors.  This technique gives the fabric a perfectly straight line to it and is super simple to do! Don't be afraid of ripping your fabric!  I know some of you already use this technique, but for those who've never tried it, practice on a scrap piece of fabric before your final project.

I used this same technique to straighten all the other edges of the runner and then simply ironed it.  What could be easier than that?  This technique can be done with most cotton or broadcloth type fabrics.
Once again, be sure and practice on a scrap piece of your fabric to make sure it can be done using this technique.

I love reading your comments.
Thank you for each and every one!