Friday, September 30, 2011

Avocado Eggrolls

Photo Courtesy of BJ's Brewhouse
I love to order Avocado Eggrolls at one of my local restaurants and now I've developed my own recipe for them.
I feel they come very close in taste and texture from the restaurant ones.  If you like these as well, feel free to copy my recipe and give it a try!


1 Package Large Eggroll Wrappers (Wonton Skins)
3-4 Avocados, mashed with a little salt & pepper (keep this separate from the filling ingredients below)

Filling: Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.

2-8oz. Bars Cream Cheese, almost room temperature
1/3 cup Sundried Tomatoes Juliennes (packed in oil)
1/3 cup diced Red Onion
1/3 cup chopped Cilantro
1/3 cup Toasted Pine nuts, Chopped
4 teaspoons Chipotle Seasoning
Salt & Pepper to taste
Vegetable oil for frying 

Place a large tablespoon of filling in center of wrap and top with a large teaspoon of the avocado mash.  Wrap eggrolls according to Wonton package directions. 

Fry in 1 inch or more layer of oil @ 350’ til golden brown.
Drain on paper towel.  Serve warm with Sweet and Sour sauce (optional)

Makes about 14 eggrolls.

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