Friday, September 30, 2011

Button Snowflake Ornaments

Here's a quickie button project that's so easy to make!
Supply List
2 3/4 inch Snowflake cutouts
White paint
White glue
Hot Glue
White buttons
Silver Pipe Cleaners
Brush on Glitter Paint

Lets begin.
Paint the snowflakes with the white paint.  Once that dried  I lightly sanded any rough edges.

Then I gathered my white buttons and ended up needing 12 smaller size for the long areas and a larger one for the center of the snowflake.  Before gluing the buttons on I set them on the snowflake to see how they would fit.  First I glued the large center button and then finished with the smaller ones.

After giving the buttons plenty of time to dry, I took the silver pipe cleaner and bent one end to make a hook for hanging. Then I added some hot glue on the center back of the snowflake and let it set before winding the pipe cleaner over and around to the front side.

NOTE:  Some of the pictures I am showing below are for pipe cleaner placement on unfinished snowflakes.

  Placement for pipe cleaner hook.

             Wind the pipe cleaner in and around the snowflake to get around your center button.          


Once the pipe cleaner is wound completely around, secure it on the backside with some hot glue. 

         Last step is to add a little bit of the brush on Glitter Paint once the ornament was finished.


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