Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Finally Here!


My name is Diane and I have decided to set up my own blog to engage with others who share a love for crafting, cooking and general fun as I do.   These three things along with the usual household chores are what make up most of my days.  Although some days don't have as much fun in them as I'd prefer, but I'd like to think that parts of it still have a little thrill here and there.
So now while I'm not outside tending to the yard and not being the house maid and cook for my husband and myself, or trying to squeeze in some fun time whether it be out with friends or crafting away, I am now spending time on the computer learning about this blog thing. What an experience!  I feel I've learned a lot in just the last few weeks and have found many terrific blogs and websites that have helped me tremendously. There is so much to learn about designing your own blog and I am currently tweaking mine every day. 

Please stop in once in a while and see my progress as I take on this journey.  Don't be shy, go ahead and leave a message because I'd like to hear from anyone with any tips, tricks, ideas, humor or even plain criticism that I can use along the way. And don't be surprised if my blog looks different each time you stop in because designing a blog is a little like picking out wallpaper or fabric...WAY too many choices!

Thanks for stopping by!

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