Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time For A Switch

One thing I tend to do when it comes to crafting, is that for a while I will be into designing and painting projects, and then I will get a little bored with that and will change over to sewing.  So right now I feel it's time to put away the paints and brushes again and switch over to fabrics and notions.

Earlier today when I got out my sewing machine, I thought back to when I received it as a Christmas present from my husband two years before we were married.  I was so surprised he gave me a sewing machine, but I have to say after 34 years of marriage, it's the one gift that has lasted the longest and has been used the most!

The sewing machine he gave me is a Singer "GENIE" and it is well revered amongst many who sew.  I thoroughly love it and it has been there through so many projects over the years.  Along with the many alterations it has seen, my Genie was there since the beginning years in our new home sewing curtains, chair pads, bedding and such.  And then followed by that were all the adorable little fashions and costumes I stitched up for our two darling daughters.  Through thick and thin, and I don't mean just fabric, my "Genie" has always been there for me!

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