Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To Knit or Crochet?

There are some people who prefer knitting vs. crocheting or vice versa.  And then there are those who love both.  I am one of those who will switch back and forth.  For me it really depends on the project and how easy it is. I really haven't done too much of either over the years so I am still at beginner level.  But one thing I have wanted to try again (which has been at least 30 years) is "Cro-knitting".  A co-worker showed me many years ago how to do it but of course I have forgotten.  So now I will have to "Google" it to figure it all out.   But I still have my needle from back then...or is it a hook?  Well now there's another question for "Google".

So the reason all of this knitting and crocheting has come about is because I recently joined "Ravelry" to get some inspiration and get started with my needles and hooks again.  Their website is loaded with many talented people who have created so many beautiful projects!  You may even be a member or know someone who is.  But if you're feeling like I am and need a little push, log on to Ravelry and get inspired!

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