Friday, October 7, 2011

Dishtowel Apron For Junior Chefs

Do you happen to know any young girls or boys who may become the next Paula Deen or Emeril Legasse?  Many young children now are far more interested in helping in the kitchen than previous generations.  Well I have a simple, quick and inexpensive project for you to make just for these up and coming chefs!
Recently at the craft store I got this idea to make an apron for a young girl or boy out of a decorative dishtowel.  The towels happened to be on sale so I went for it.  The only other item I needed to buy was some one inch twill tape for the ties. Lucky for me my daughter gave me one of her coupons for 50% off and I was able to use it on the tape!

       Ready or not, here we go!   This project doesn't take long at all!      Total cost was under $5.00

Washed, ironed and ready for cutting this dishtowel measures 15W x 24L.  If your towel measures differently you will have to make your own judgement on how much to cut off from the top.  The rest of the instructions will be the same for any size dishtowel.

Now cut away 7 1/2 inches from the top of the dishtowel.
Be sure and save this piece for another project!

Fold over 1/2 inch from the cut end of the towel and press with an iron. 

   Fold over 1 inch more and press again.


Now measure out about 60 inches of twill tape and cut it off for the waistband. Of course if you have someone special in mind maybe you can get their measurements ahead of time!    

                 Make the cut and find the center of the twill tape and mark it with some chalk.  

Next find the center width of the fabric with a ruler or measuring tape and lay it up against the folded towel . Then tuck the tape into the 1/2 inch fold and then fold the fabric over one more time with the twill tape inside the one inch section.

Now for the sewing part.  Start stitching around the fold where the tape is lying underneath. This part will not take very long at all!

Stitch the ends of the twill tape by machine or even by hand if you'd like.


Here is the finished project . The ties can be worn on the backside or if there is enough length they can be brought around to the front and be tied there.
I wish I had a young chef to model it but sorry to say I don't. :( 

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