Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas Countertop Cutie

Here's an adorable Gingerbread jar I made that can hold just about anything from cookie cutters to the actual cookies!  Basically it's just one of those typical glass cracker jars you can find at Walmart or any other large department store.

All I've done here is torn a strip of fabric long enough to place around the jar and tie into a bow.   Then I added a touch of hot glue on each side to tack it to the jar.  I also cut out and painted 3 cute little gingerbread men to hot glue onto 3 of the sides.  If you are not into painting your own wood pieces, you can find pre-painted ones at your local crafts stores.

The lid was not colorful enough so I brushed on an acrylic green paint with some sealer in it so it would adhere to the metal top.  Spray enamel paint would be a perfect option here instead of acrylic paints.  Then I sanded the top with sandpaper here and there to remove some paint to give it a worn look. 
On top of the lid I also cut out a heart, painted it red and spattered it with white and black paint and then glued that on top. 

These jars makes a great gift for anyone and you can customize them with almost anything.

Baby Shower gift full of items to be used in the baby's room.
Hostess gift with a little apron rolled up inside and some new recipe cards.
Layered dried fruits and nuts for holiday gift giving.
Colorful little Christmas ornaments and a small live fir tree to go with it.
Stuff it with dollar bills for a birthday gift.

I'm sure you can come up with a few ideas of your own.  The ideas are endless!

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