Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pet Beds For Donation

Recently while cleaning closets I ran across a few extra bed pillows that I had saved to reuse the filler for plumping up some of the older decorative pillows I have on my couches.  Instead I decided to buy some polar fleece and turn the pillows into simple pet beds and donate them to the animal shelter.

This was a very quick project and I took a few pics of what I did in case anyone would like to do the same.  Of course you can make your covering for your pillows any way that works for you.  I have made many pillow shams using this technique and find it the fastest way to cover any pillow.

Take your old pillows (mine had gotten pretty flat) and some cozy fleece fabric to make your pet bed.

Here I cut the fabric just about an inch or so larger than my pillow (from top to bottom) and also long enough to make a flap over itself to create the pocket the pillow will be inserted into.  No need to get all fussy over precise measurements.

Then I pinned the areas where the flap is to secure it before sewing.  Next, sew a seam along the top and bottom.   That's all the sewing needed.

 Then turn the pillow cover inside-out and stuff in the pillow.  Done!

I decided to use two more pillows I had stored away and ended up making four of these pet beds with the 2 yards of polar fleece I had purchased.  These are not only fast and easy to make, they will probably make any pet a little cozier in their environment.

 Please consider donating in some way to your local animal shelter.  Thank you!


  1. Hello Diane,
    What a good project, so kind of you to make en donate these comfortable cushions! The animals will like them:)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. that is such a great idea. many pets will be happy with that.=)

  3. Just found this post Diane. What a nice idea! I will definitely do this for our animal shelter. It will make a nice mid-winter project to whip up some of these. We all have those slightly flattened pillows that could be put to good use! Thank you for sharing this idea!


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