Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Crafts

While staying at our family cabin before the Christmas holidays, I was looking for some kind of craft project to do and remembered a couple of things I had seen on Pinterest that I wanted to try and make for myself.  The first project was a Paper Leaves Wreath.

the red thread paper wreath main
This wreath is from the red thread 

Here's my wreath

For my wreath I used grocery bags from the local market and was very limited with the rest of the supplies that were available at the cabin.  Actually, putting together a project with limited supplies at the cabin was part of the fun!

But for the most part I was pretty satisfied with the results and it also kept me busy for about an hour or so while my husband was working on a project outside.  When my husband came in and saw the wreath, he thought I had a pretty clever idea going there until I told him it really wasn't my idea at all. 

Credit given where credit is deserved!  Here's the web site's tutorial for it:

And the second project I wanted to try was a Christmas tree made with branches from the pine trees we have all around the cabin.  

Of course my project was not going to be exactly like this one I pinned on Pinterest which sells at , but just a simple tree shape made with small branches, pine cones and some hot glue (which by the way had probably been at the cabin since about 1980 or so). This glue was the color of butter!  Ick! I guess it had just gone bad over the years, but it did work,  just not as good as today's glue sticks.  BTW, the glue gun there was probably just as old as the glue!  I guess I shouldn't complain because I did have fun and didn't have to haul a load of supplies from home! 

Making the tree:
To support the horizontal pieces of wood, I glued two pieces together like an upside-down "V", let them setup and then started gluing the pieces across. 

So here's my tree which I really like.  It measures 18H x 14 W.  If you look closely you can see the ugly butter colored glue here and there.  Before we left the cabin I had looked around to find some sort of wood piece to use for a tree base, but no such luck.  Maybe next trip!

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  1. Pretty clever using the bag to make your wreath!!
    I love the branch tree decorated with pine cones.
    Much nicer than the one you pinned to inspire you, it just pops off of the black background.

  2. Thanks for your wonderful comments and also for stopping by!

  3. I love that you used the paper grocery bag- and I love even more that it was printed and adds such fun color to your wreath. The tree is terrific too- I agree, the pinecones are perfect.
    Thanks for linking up to POV!

  4. Replies
    1. For some reason I wasn't able to comment in the usual way, so I hope you see this. I love your wreath and tree. I wanted to make both of those but never did. Thanks for joining the Point of View Pinterest link party. I featured your awesome wreath. Have a great day!

    2. Not sure what that was about but it came to me in the usual manner and it published with no trouble. Thanks so much for featuring my wreath! That's so sweet!


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