Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's Day Treats

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and my husband will be leaving for a three month ski trip just before that, I figured I'd better get going on some sort of treat to send him off with.  So typically I'm looking to do something fast and easy, but I also need to make sure it's something my husband would like too.  Decision made!  Heart shaped rice krispy treats.  Who doesn't love those?

While the marshmallows and butter were melting down, I sprayed my silicone heart mold with non-stick spray and added a nice layer of pink sprinkles inside each heart.  After the marshmallow mixture was done, I added some red food coloring before adding the rice krispies. The color came out exactly like Bubble Gum Pink!

Once the rice krispies were added and stirred well, I buttered my hands and placed enough of the krispies to fill each mold.  It took no time for the first 6 to set and then I just repeated the process to finish off 12 treats.

I looked in my cupboard and found some white cupcake liners and thought these would make the hearts look more like a valentine with a ruffled edge. Cute!  Next, all I have left to do is package up the 11 krispy treats that are left.  Okay I must confess, it was me who couldn't resist one pretty pink marshmallow krispy heart!

If you are interested in a recipe for these, here is the original from Kelloggs:



  1. Oh these look delicious! I haven't had rice crispy treats in ages ~ thanks for the reminder!

  2. Your welcome. Thanks for stopping by!


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