Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's up with S P R I N G Cleaning?

If your like most people and you hear the term "Spring Cleaning", you probably think it's time to get down and dirty with the house cleaning more than you normally do.  Why is that?  Who said that anyway?  Don't we clean well enough all through the rest of the year?  And don't we try to go through our closets and drawers and get rid the things we aren't using any longer during summer, fall and winter months?  So why has it been that the spring season is the one that is designated to cleaning?

Well, I'm really not sure how anyone else feels about this, but my feelings about "Spring Cleaning" are basically because we have been stuck more in the house for the long winter.  Dealing with things like excessive dust from fireplace ashes, dirty shoes that walk through the house from the wet ground outside (you know who you are) and the stale house air from cooking odors and windows being kept closed are just a few reasons to get me motivated to clean a little harder than I do most other seasons. 

So when Mother Nature turns on the good weather switch and daylight savings time kicks in, I begin to tackle the areas in the house that need the most attention. Then I like to get out into the yard to spruce things up.  Old Man Winter has usually left a mess for me to clean and it takes a while to get things looking halfway decent again.  Once everything is all straightened up, I plant some flowers, fertilize everything and then the yard eventually comes back to life.  So to me, that's what spring is...a renewal.

Please don't forget to give your house some extra love and care this spring, because after all, it has taken good care of you all winter!


  1. Loved this post, and I agree, if we haven't let our houses turn into pig sties over the winter, Spring Cleaning for me is about getting some fresh clean air into the house!

    1. I agree...open everything and let it all in. Then go dust! LOL!

  2. You've reminded me that instead of sitting in a coffee shop catching up on blog comments, I should be home cleaning ... or out in the yard picking up sticks!! I love your sentiment that it's good to clean each spring because our homes have taken good care of us all winter - brilliant! I'm following you via Linky Followers and GFC. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

  4. The first day that was nice enough to open windows I totally cleaned the house from top to bottom!

  5. Isn't that the best feeling?


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