Friday, May 4, 2012

Cooks Illustrated Wall Art

About 4 or 5 years ago I started a subscription of "Cook's Illustrated" for one of my daughters.  Some of you may be familiar with this magazine, but if you're not, it's full of recipes and valuable information on anything related to cooking.  And one bonus to receiving this magazine are the wonderful illustrations you get on the back covers of each one! 

This picture below shows a couple of illustrations my daughter has from her collection.

Actually, when I say magazine, you're probably thinking of a typical shiny paper one, but this one is different.  There are no ads inside (YAY!) and the paper is more like a card stock, so of course these illustrations are perfect for framing.

My daughter had always dreamed about using these illustrations in her own home one day and their new home they recently bought has a huge wall in the kitchen which made it perfect for this project she had in mind. 

My daughter wanted gold frames and of course when you want something specific, odds are you won't find it, right?

Luckily she did find some white plastic frames at Michael's that came in a 2 pack at a very affordable price  After the spraying was done she decided on placing nine frames on the wall to fill in the large space she has.  The matting she used for the prints were a sheet of Strathmore Charcoal Paper set right behind the illustration.

Sorry for the lousy photo here, but I had a really hard time getting one without reflection due to all the windows in her house.  You wouldn't believe how many pics I took, but at least you can get the idea! 

 A job well done and her dream come true!

Framing and matting info:

The metal frames were purchased at Michael's in a double pack and were roughly 11.5in.  x 14.5in.  The frames were originally white and we sprayed them an antique gold color. 
The matting is actually done with Strathmore Charcoal Paper in white, available in a 32 sheet pad.  The sheets we used were 11in.  x 17in. and cut to fit the frames. 
To place the pictures in the frames, my daughter centered the picture on the glass and then carefully placed the white charcoal paper on top of the print.  There was no taping or gluing done to keep the picture and matting together. 

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment or feel free to email me.

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  1. This makes the kitchen so much cozier. Thanks, Mom, for helping me with this project!

    1. What size paper behind and/or size frame as I know these back covers are an odd size?

    2. I just spoke with my daughter and we will get the information you are requesting and post it here as soon as possible. Thanks for stopping in!

    3. Please refer to the end of this post for framing and matting questions. Thank you!

  2. I agree! And you're welcome! XO

  3. What a fun idea! It really did add just the perfect pop of interest and color. Great job, and thanks for linking up with Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL!

  4. Great idea and they look wonderful on your daughters wall! Thanks for sharing this at the open House party.

  5. I have several of these covers and am planning to do the same.
    Just curious, I'd like to get a copy of the Heirloom Kitchen Tools pictured. But I have been having trouble finding it. Do you know the date of the issue or the issue number?
    Thank you.

    1. Tom,
      The Heirloom Tools back cover is from a Special Collector's Edition called, "All Time Best Recipes", dated 2009. Good luck on your search!


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