Friday, January 16, 2015



Now that the Christmas holidays have come and gone, I hope everyone is doing well and taking on some fun, crafty projects for the new year.  I'm looking at the calendar and Valentine's Day is just a little less than a month away, so I guess it's time to get things rolling.  

With that said, I am sitting here with a cough and head cold and just don't feel like being crafty at all. So the best medicine for me is to see all of your latest projects to inspire me to get on board.  There are already so many great ideas floating around for Valentine's wreaths, mantel decor and tablescapes.  As much as I want to get my Valentine's Day decorations out and revamp a few things, I've been more in the cleaning and organizing mode at this time.  

The week after New Years I got down and dirty and filled two large boxes with many of my own Christmas decorations from year's past.  The kids took only a few things and the rest went for donation.  After that was over, I went into "Spring Cleaning" mode with a few rooms in the house.  To me, that always feels so good to clean from top to bottom.  My poor washer and dryer were doing double time with all the bedding, towels and anything I could find to throw in there.  

Once a few rooms were done, I moved to closets and cabinets throughout the house and found quite a few things that I could toss that were either expired or I had no use for any longer.  PURGE, PURGE, PURGE was all I kept thinking.   I am now happy to report I have gained space in these places and I can actually see the shelves!

It's still only Winter and I don't know why I am already in this crazy cleaning mode, but all I know is how good it feels to be done with a lot of the deep cleaning around here.  By the way, who started this term "Spring Cleaning" anyway?  Take a look at a previous post I did on Spring cleaning here and see what I had to say about it.

Be well everyone and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Diane, how long would it take for you to get here? I need someone to "purge, purge, purge" here too. Lol!!! Just took my daughter back to school for spring term. I think I'd better get busy doing what you've been doing. I am impressed and inspired after reading this. I am also a bit jealous that yours is done and mine isn't!!! Have a great weekend Diane!

  2. LOL! Glad to hear I inspired you to do a little purging yourself! Doesn't it feel good?

  3. Sorry you've been feeling a bit under the weather but sounds like you've achieved a lot. I've been doing a little bit of purging but mostly decorating, the fresh paint is almost like a spring clean !


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