Thursday, October 22, 2015

Flannel Crib Sheet Sewing Project

As a grandma, I keep a crib in my home for naps and overnight stays when the occasion calls for it. At first when I got the crib, I bought two cotton sheets and figured that was enough for sleeping at my house.  Well it still is enough, but I recently decided if the rest of us have flannel sheets for the winter months, why not the babies?

And speaking of babies, my youngest daughter is expecting her second child, a girl, next February. So we will now be the proud grandparents of 3 little ones!  Since we already have two grandsons, we are a very excited for a baby girl.

Well after twirling the flannel crib sheet idea around, I looked online for a video that would teach me to how to make crib sheets.  After watching this video, I realized how easy it was and went right to work.  The fabrics I used for the crib sheets are from JoAnn Fabrics.

I used this cute winter snowman flannel print for my first try.

Then I used this flannel grandma fabric for my second try.  

Now we can all be cozy this winter!

I have to say, both crib sheets came out perfect and they are a snug fit!  I was so surprised how easy it was.  With basic sewing skills I believe this tutorial will get you through the job.

Stay warm and thanks for stopping by!

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