I’m a wife, a mother of 2 two daughters who are both married, and also a grandmother of three!

But mostly, I’m a “homemakergardnerbookeeperchef”.  When I’m done wearing all those hats, I try to find a little time to make new recipes, go on big and small adventures or spend some time in my craft room working on my latest projects.  

My love for crafting began at a very young age and as years passed I ended up finding my true passion with decorative painting.  But lately, I have fallen in love with cooking again!  I had always enjoyed cooking, but with the internet and the television food channels, my old recipes have been revived.  After being married and cooking for 40 years, this has been a blessing!  My favorite part of cooking is recreating a meal I have ordered in a restaurant. I love the challenge to make it just right and also to enjoy it at home with the added advantage of paying a lot less for it!  

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