Saturday, September 24, 2011

When Life Gives You Limes?

Recently one of my girlfriends came to visit and along with bringing some delicious cookies, she also brought me a dozen limes from her tree.  Now I do like to have a slice of lime with my water once in a while, and in a gin and tonic from time to time, but I knew I couldn't get through that many limes without the chance of some of them spoiling.

I started looking into a few recipes online but so many required baking, and since we were having a heatwave I was not about to turn the oven on.  I ended up finding a recipe for Fresh Lime Curd on my favorite website,"", and this recipe only required cooking on the stove top.  Hooray!

So I've never made any type of curd before and to be honest I don't even like the word "curd".  It makes me think of something that is unappealing.  Well this curd I made is exactly the opposite of unappealing because it's absolutely awesome!  It tasted just like the filling in Marie Callendar's Key Lime Pie which so happens to be one of my favorites! 

Below is the recipe and a couple of pix I took for fun while cooking up my curd. I wish it made more than it did, but all the effort was absolutely worth it!

Zesting and juicing is done!

Melting butter with sugar, lime juice and zest.

Waiting for the curd to thicken.

Lovin' my Fresh Lime Curd!


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  1. This tasted great! Very sweet... very dangerous...


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