Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Santa Spool Ornaments

Finding affordable crafting supplies and creating something special is what I'm all about.  At least for me it's special because I took the time to shop for it, design it, paint or craft it, and most of all finish it!

Recently I noticed in my crafting supplies I had some wooden spools along with many other odds and ends leftover from previous projects or even items I had purchased figuring one day I would get around to them.  So using these bits and pieces I designed up a Santa spool ornament.  Part of the design of this ornament is using a wood burning tool which I love to add to many of my painting patterns. 

While I was working on my Santa spools, I took a few photos for you to see.  I love the end result and how cute they are, and also that it cost me next to nothing since I actually had all the supplies to make five of them.  It's surprising what you can come up with when you dig down into those bins, buckets and boxes!


Once I gathered up most of my supplies I began sketching the faces on the spools.  Then I used the wood burning tool to enhance the outline of their faces.  

Next I began painting their faces and of course I added a little blush to make them jolly.  After that I painted little eyebrows and also base coated the fur areas on the spool top and also the fur ball pieces with a grey color. Once that dried I stippled white on top of all the grey areas including their eyebrows. Leave a little grey showing for depth.  One additional stippling of white on the fur areas will be needed to brighten it up.

After the fur trim and fur ball pieces are painted with two coats of white, then with two coats of red,  I painted the rest of the spool area and all the remaining wood pieces.

Now it's time to glue the hat parts to the spool. I didn't glue the white fur ball piece as you will see it's added later in the final steps.  Once the glue has dried well it's time to varnish the ornament.  Today I chose to spray varnish instead of a brush on variety so I could take a break and go outside and enjoy the weather while waiting for the ornaments to dry.

Once the varnish is dried, cut a 5 inch piece of 19 gauge black wire. 
NOTE: If you would like to be more creative with the hanger part of this ornament, cut the wire at a longer length to make any changes of your own.

With a needle nose pliers, twist the wire at one end to make a coil and then bend the wire straight up to feed it into the spool as shown in the photos.  Add the white fur ball piece and trim the wire leaving about 1/2 inch sticking out on top. 

Using the needle nose pliers, bend the wire over and gently tuck it down near the hole area.

HO! HO! HO!   Here are all of my Santas waiting for Christmas!
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