Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Christmas Craft Room

For me, Christmas is about a million and one things!  Preparations begin long before December arrives and I find it best to make lists for everything because it helps to keep me on track since the days seem to fly by just like Santa's reindeer on Christmas Eve!

I love to decorate all over the house for the holidays and since I spend so much time in my craft room, I like to doll it up too.  But since it has to accommodate crafting, sewing, painting, gift storage, gift wrapping and general bookkeeping all at the same time, it requires a little bit of organizing.  So I break it down into different areas for each task. 

Right now I am working on gift tags for all the presents I will wrap up.  I am obsessed with these little things!  I could spend a ton of money on them because I think they are all so darn cute.  So to keep that under control I started making my own a few years ago.  Some are just printed out on the computer and others are a full blown craft projects with glitter, ribbon, jingle bells, etc.

One of my gift tag projects for this year comes from a beautiful Christmas card my grandmother had received decades ago.  All I did was scan it and print it from a computer program I have.  This vintage Santa card was such a wonderful memory for me as it was such a delight for my grandmother.  She would place this card next to her tabletop Christmas tree every year for as long as I can remember.

Another easy gift tag project I'm going to make is from Christmas themed adhesive chipboard that I picked up on clearance last year for almost nothing.  These will also be done in no time since they are just peel and stick and then all I do is place them onto some colorful card stock.

And since my craft room is all  merry and bright, I figured I would give you a little peak while it's all organized for holiday wrapping/crafting/sewing and also painting for my Etsy shop items.

This is a big work station that holds a large amount of supplies and it's where I wrap most of my Christmas gifts.  During the rest of the year I will use this space for all kinds of craft work.

The Christmas wreath that is hanging from the window is on sale in my Etsy shop.  I had a blast putting it all together and I am still thinking about pulling it out of the shop to keep it for myself!  The wreath is covered with my handmade pin cushions, coordinating spools of thread and one of my handmade gift tags. 

Here is where I paint.  Plain and simple.  I love cutting my own wood, painting it, stenciling it or adding embellishments to it.  Right now I am working on items to sell at my 2012 holiday boutique.

This is my sewing space.  Currently I'm not working on any sewing projects though, but I do have a few aprons I want to make for my boutique next year.  I will also use this space to write out my Christmas cards.  I love to put on the Christmas music, make myself a cup of coffee or hot chocolate with Bailey's Irish Creme and enjoy sending out my holiday cards. 

Speaking of Christmas cards, I also like to cut out parts of cards I receive and use them to make gift tags too.  Some cards have the cutest graphics and make adorable gift tags.  Great way to recycle the cards you receive!

This is my computer desk where I do bookkeeping and computer work.  Pretty basic.

And here is where I take a break, get my feet up, rest my bones and let my mind go.  Ahhh!

I'd like to wish all of you the happiest of holidays and I will close with one of my favorite Christmas songs. 



  1. I love your crafting area! Looks so organized and inviting!

  2. Could you do a tutorial on how to make the ironing board cover like you have in the picture above?? Mine is so drab and has icky stains from iron water. Thanks!

  3. They are actually pretty simple to make. Thanks for the tutorial idea, I may have to do that in the future. Glad you stopped by!


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