Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween PEEPS Topiary Tutorial

Miscellaneous Supplies


PEEPS 3-4 packages depending on their size
6 inch Embroidery hoop (plastic or wood)
Hot glue
12 inch wood dowel
Container- About a 5x5 size
Styrofoam to fill container
Candy or colored cellophane grass to cover the styrofoam

DECO ART "Tangerine" if using pumpkin PEEPS.
White paint or any color of your choice cover the hoop and the dowel or you can wrap it in ribbon for a different look.

Begin by removing the screw pin on the embroidery hoop and place the dowel in between the metal supports. Hot glue the dowel to the hoop. Let glue dry completely.

Then paint the hoop and dowel white or the color of your choice.

Next do a dry run with the placement of your PEEPS before gluing them to the hoop. In order for the PEEPS to fit well on mine, I decided to have a pumpkin in between my ghosts, but needed to remove one ghost on each side of my hoop. Then I began gluing them to the front side to the hoop.

This picture shows the back side where I added more glue to secure them even more. Be sure to let the glue harden up well.

Now they are all placed and ready for some touch up paint. As I stated before, DECO ART
"Tangerine" is almost the same color as the pumpkins. Paint in the areas where the white marshmallow is showing.

Next, cut your piece of styrofoam to fit your container. You will probably notice that the topiary is top heavy at this point. You may need to place some rocks or a piece of wood in the bottom to help with the balance of the topiary.

Next you will want to hot glue the dowel into the styrofoam. But first stick the dowel down into the foam and then remove it. Then with the glue gun, squeeze a lot of glue into the dowel hole and then immediately place the dowel into the hole. Be sure to check that it is straight and level before the glue sets. Now set it aside to harden well.

During this time I carefully painted my skull white since it was purple and I liked a white skull better for this project.

Here's my finished PEEPS topiary with candy corn to cover the foam and a nice ribbon to finish it off. Oh wait, I can't forget to mention my little furry friend! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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