Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yummy Shortbread

Today I made some yummy shortbread to bring to some friends of ours who we are helping move into their new home tomorrow.  I think it will be a great treat to pop in our mouths as we go throughout the day.

Back in the 80's is when I got this recipe from a neighbor and it's one of my favorite desserts that I'd like to share with you today. 

Shortbread ingredients:

1 lb. butter (room temp)
1 cup sugar
4 cups flour
1 tsp. baking powder

13" x 18" jelly roll pan

Mix all ingredients by hands until the dough forms a ball.  Spread out the dough onto the pan in an even layer.  Pierce the dough all over with the tines of a fork.   Sprinkle with colored sugar if desired and bake in a 325' oven for 30 -40 minutes or until light golden brown. 

Remove from the oven and immediately cut into squares while it's hot.  Then let cool before serving.   Keep stored in an airtight container.


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  1. Diane these are outrageously easy and look fantastic,could you cut my piece a little larger.

  2. I just had to "pin".

  3. I am a new follower! Your friends are doubly lucky-help with moving, and yummy shortbread.

  4. Looks yummy! I love shortbread.

  5. Diane,
    Oh, they look so good! And only four ingredients, my kind of recipe!

  6. So easy!! I love shortbread...not a bad choice for the fall...a shortbread cookie and a cup of tea!!


  7. Easy & Delightful...hope the move goes well!

  8. I so love shortbread....for some reason, it screams "FALL" to me!

    Yep, i'm ready for FALL! ;0)

  9. yummo! this sounds fantastic. I bet it smells great cooking.

  10. Now that just sounds too simple to be true! I definitely got to make this!! Thanks so much for this recipe.

  11. I just love shortbread; the way its buttery goodness just melts in your mouth. Yours is so pretty with the colored sugar sprinkled on top. I'm going to borrow that idea for sure!

  12. I just wanted to say howdy and thanks for visiting my blog! I'm your newest follower! You have some tasty looking recipes here and this shortbread is on my "make soon" list! ~Cheers, Deanna

  13. This looks divine! I'm your newest follower and look forward to seeing more of your stuff! P.S. your blog banner is super duper cute!


  14. Oh wow! What a great idea and it looks so easy to make. Thanks for sharing! Happy Blogaversary!

  15. This looks delicious and I love that you can customize it for any holiday with different colored sprinkles.


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